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Paige Shiarella, December 2016
Recent testimonial of the James Carby Estate Online Auction:

Barr Realty and Auction was a blessing to me when I had to decide what to do with my dad’s estate. Once I contacted them, they met with me at his house/farm. They wanted to see what all was to be sold and told me how they could help me by organizing the event. My dad had tons of tools, farm equipment, etc. that I didn’t
even know what they were or were used for. Once I signed the contract, they took care of everything, and I had no more worries as far as planning, organization, advertising, and selling. When I had a question about anything, they were very quick to get back to me with an answer. The day of payment and pick-up was so organized, and I didn’t have to deal with anyone or anything.

I would highly recommend the team of people at Barr Realty and Auction. They made what could have been hours of work and frustration turn into no work for me. I basically signed my name, they took care of everything. Once it was all over, they called me and I collected a check. It was so organized, well-planned and
thought-out. You can tell that years of experience, in their line of work and with people in the community, really paid off. I am so thankful to them for everything.

-Paige Shiarella
Executrix, James Carby Estate